To minimize harm to local environment while running a busy guesthouse

To leave the land in better heart than when we arrived

To reduce our carbon footprint where possible

To use the land as an educational resource

To reduce and recycle as much waste as possible.

Along with the organic gardens and land management which is covered extensively on the garden page,

All the heating and hot water in the guesthouse and apartments is from our Herz biomass woodchip boiler one of the first to be installed in Cumbria. The 80 acre woodland provides more than enough chip for our needs, and is extracted from the Yewfield woods by horses.

Yewfield has a recycling area for guests staying in the apartments and for the guesthouse use.

We use Ecos washing liquid for the laundry and organic soaps and shampoos in the guest rooms.

Water for the garden is captured by water butts situated throughout the land .

Most of the lighting in the house is very low energy