We all look forward to welcoming you here at Yewfield again.

We have made some changes to ensure that all guests and members of staff are safe. This means that you might not have the same experience that you have had before and you will need to follow certain rules that we have introduced.

Please know that all our staff have been briefed on new guidelines and we are compliant with all five steps of Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020. We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment, put cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures in place, put 2m social distancing measures in place and we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk where 2m social distancing is not possible.

Please read the following information carefully as this will help you and us make your stay as pleasant as possible in the current situation.

To ensure that good hand hygiene is followed, please use hand sanitisers provided throughout the building, especially when entering the premises or touching anything. Please wash your hands with soap and water, when possible.

Based on latest Government’s guidelines face coverings must be worn in most hospitality venues, therefore we kindly ask you to wear a face covering when you are indoors in all shared public areas of the guest house (in corridors, on stairs, in lounge, etc.). The face covering should only be removed when eating and drinking and sat at your breakfast table.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and please be sensible about your health and of those around you. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms please follow Government’s advice, self-isolate and contact NHS111.

Please practice social distancing, keep 2m apart and allow people to pass where social distancing is not possible (in corridors, on stairs and on premises in general). Avoid unnecessary contact with others or limit it to a minimum.

We have changed the normal check in procedure, please read How to find your room document attached to this email, to make sure you know how to find your room once you get here. You can check in any time after 3:00 PM. You will find your key in the room rather than on the front desk. It will be disinfected, so please make sure that you keep the key on you throughout the stay, do not deposit it in reception. It has your room key and front door key, we do lock the front door after 10:30 PM. Please inform us if you will be checking in after 10:30 PM so we can arrange a way for you to get in to the main house.

You will also find meal deal vouchers in the room (if you have opted in for a meal deal), please bring those along when going to Zeffirellis. If you have any questions about Zeffirellis, please contact them directly.

The usual breakfast as you know it won’t be available, but we will try to do our best with the new system that we have introduced. You will need to fill in an online breakfast pre-order form for each breakfast by 9 PM. You will have a selection of buffet breakfast and cooked breakfast to choose from. There will be three to four seatings to allow guests to maintain social distancing in the dining area. Your pre-ordered breakfast will be brought to you on a tray once you arrive to minimise any unnecessary movement around the dining area. Please read breakfast pre-order form carefully and add any specific requests, instructions and dietary requirements and we will try to accommodate those.

You are still welcome to use media and book library, but please use hand sanitiser beforehand and leave any used CD’s, DVD’s, books and magazines in the room instead of putting them back on the shelf.

You will still have access to communal spaces - guest lounge, garden and grounds, but we will keep the studio closed for the time being, however you are welcome to do yoga and exercise outside maintaining social distancing. Please avoid unnecessary movement around premises, minimise surface touching and non-essential contact with other guests and staff.

We will keep reception unmanned on most occasions, but you will have access to staff phone numbers and email in case you need to get in touch with us during your stay, you will find all the information on the front desk in reception.

If you are staying with us for more than one night then we have decided not to offer room servicing at this time. We have also taken out cushions, bed throws and welcome magazines out of the room to minimise risk. You will be able to request clean towels, teas, clean mugs, etc. via online room servicing form which you can fill in up until 11 AM on the day. Fill this form only if you are staying for more than one night. We will put all the requested items in a disinfected clear plastic box with a lid and leave it outside your room by the door. You can put all the used and dirty items in the same box and leave it outside your room to be collected by our staff throughout the day. Please make sure that you leave the box as close to your room door as possible to avoid blocking the corridor.

When checking out, please collect all your belongings and leave the room key in the room, do not bring it over to reception. Check out is still until 11 AM and you have an option to pay before arrival over the phone or by card on departure day. Card terminal will be disinfected between uses and you will have access to hand sanitiser. Contactless payment and Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are also available, if it is not exceeding allowed limit. We won’t accept cash or cheque payments, unless it is your only option.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us and help us keep guests and members of staff safe by following these new guidelines.